This Week’s New Releases + Game News: August 3, 2015

New Retail Releases
There’s no Video Game Librarian Pick of the Week this week as I’m pretty unfamiliar with all of these games.

Other New Retail Releases

  • Lost Dimension is the latest tactical RPG from Atlus. Set to be released for the PS3 and Vita, Lost Dimension asks players to join the ranks of SEALED, “eleven psychics with superhuman abilities,” who are doing battle with The End. But watch out, at least one of those psychics is a traitor!
  • Legend of Kay Anniversary resurrects the ten-year-old PS2 game for a new generation of players on the PS4 and Wii U. This new version of the game has received a graphical makeover, but the cat is still kung fu fighting.
  • Finally this week, Arc System Works’s latest fighting game, BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend, will be released for the Vita.

New Release Round-Up For Downloadable Games

New Game Announcements

More News

New Videos


  • Nintendo UK might create a monthly subscription box filled with Nintendo-related stuff.
  • Rob McElhenney is directing the Minecraft movie… seriously.

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