VGL Review… Superhot

superhotSuperhot is an amazing puzzle-based first person shooter that was recently released for the PC and Xbox One. Trapped in a VR world, players have to carefully plan their shots to take out a group of rapidly approaching Red Guys, but the twist is that time only moves when you do.

Superhot’s only available as a digital download right now, so it would be hard to add to a circulating collection, but here’s a review of the game I wrote for Warp Zoned:

“Time Moves Only When You Move.”

The developers behind Superhot know exactly what their minimalist first-person shooter is all about, and this succinct summation of the game’s hook is the perfect way to describe it to anyone unfamiliar with the game. It also tells prospective players that Superhot isn’t just a fast-paced arcade shooter (though it can be). Instead, it’s a deliberately-paced puzzle game where methodically figuring out the correct series of actions to complete each level is the only way to move forward. Even if you’ve never played a first person shooter before, it’s possible to pick up Superhot and understand what the game’s devilish AI has in store for you.