Even More Programming Ideas For Pokemon Go @ School Library Journal

pokemongoPokemon Go is still incredibly popular with gamers the world over, but the intense furor surrounding the game has cooled considerably since its launch in July. However, Karen Jensen of School Library Journal’s Teen Librarian Toolbox has pulled together another batch of programming ideas to go along with the app, and they might just get your library patrons “Pokemon-ing” again:

Because Pokemon Go is played by people of all ages, we specifically chose to make this an all ages event, which proved to be a very wise move. We had a lot of families come that were obviously enjoying playing the game together. Our event lasted for 5 hours and we placed a lure (a lure draws Pokemon to your location) every half hour. A lot of people came and stayed the entire time and it was fun to see them sitting around talking and then get up to go somewhere and catch a Pokemon. At one point someone declared that Pikachu was nearby and there was an excited mass exodus. As far as I know no one caught Pikachu that night, but they sure did have a fun time trying.

In addition to some very creative Pokemon-themed decorations, Jensen’s programming ideas include “Pin the Tail On Pikachu,” “Pikachu Ears,” and Pokeball Coloring.”

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