Doom (2016) Review @ Library Journal

doom2016The Doom franchise roared its way back into the world with a vengeance last month, all thanks to id Software’s ridiculously brutal reboot/sequel, which is known simply as Doom (PC, PS4, Xbox One). First person shooter fans will find a game that’s like nothing else out there. Doom is a very fast and intense experience that doesn’t skimp on the things (the shotgun, the chainsaw, the demonic imagery, etc) that made the franchise famous.

Library Journal columnist M. Brandon Robbins recently reviewed the shooter sequel, and he greatly enjoyed the wild action as well:

Released on May 13, 2016, Doom is a true rebirth of the series. Bringing back the fast-paced gameplay of the original while implementing mechanics from modern shooters, this Doom feels simultaneously familiar and fresh. The shotgun is still the trusty friend one remembers it being, enemies will still (sometimes literally) eat you alive if you stand still for more than a couple of seconds, and the anxiety of walking into a new room only to have the doors shut and the sound of demonic howling is more intense than ever. There’s more hand-to-hand combat, with “glory kills” being a way to pick up health power-ups. Players can upgrade their armor and weapons and earn buffs for their character, which make finding secrets, surviving damage, and dealing out damage easier.

I’ve been playing a lot of Doom myself, and I have to wholeheartedly agree with this assessment. The game is a must play for fans of modern first person shooters, as well as anyone who grew up playing the original Doom back in 1993.