Dark Souls III Review @ Library Journal

darksoulsiii-boxThrough a combination of creepy gothic atmosphere and ruthless difficulty, the Dark Souls franchise has become a huge hit with video game fans the world over. Publisher Bandai Namco and developer From Software released the latest (and possibly final) game in the series, Dark Souls III (PC, PS4, Xbox One), earlier this year, and it seems just as popular as its predecessors.

Library Journal columnist M. Brandon Robbins recently reviewed the action RPG, and he wholeheartedly agreed with the public’s opinion:

The lore of the “Dark Souls” series is rich and complex, with its own fully realized mythology resembling the Norse cycle of global destruction and rebirth. In Dark Souls, the world is kept in balance by the First Fire, the source of the gods’ divine power and humanity’s salvation. However, the First Fire eventually burns out, and humans turn Undead. A Chosen Undead must relight the First Fire and birth the world anew. Each game in the series has its own variation on this basic tale. Thus, players who place stock in knowing the narrative of a game can safely jump into this with no worries.

Dark Souls III may scare away less practiced and casual gamers, but it is still an experience worth trying. This is a game that belongs in your collection and in your patrons’ hands.