Catch Pokemon Black/White on March 7

The 3DS will be invading America sometime this March, but Nintendo’s current handheld won’t give up the month quietly as Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Black and Pokemon White will be released on March 7.

Nintendo is bringing several firsts to Pokemon Black/White, the biggest of which is that each game will feature completely different gameplay areas. Players will be able to explore a “unique metropolitan area called Black City” in Pokemon Black and a “lush, green area named White Forest” in Pokemon White. Another first is that the games will feature the changing seasons, as “certain Pokemon appear more frequently during different seasons, and players can only access some areas during a specific season.”

The final first is that players will encounter 150 brand new Pokemon in Black/White. According to Nintendo, classic Pokemon will only be unlocked after the completion of the main game.

“Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version represent a generational leap forward for the renowned series, delivering an unprecedented number of new Pokémon to catch, battle and trade,” said Marc Franklin, Nintendo of America’s director of Public Relations. “Whether you have played the Pokémon video games before or are just getting interested in them, you won’t want to miss Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version.”

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