Treyarch Details Call of Duty: Black Ops ‘First Strike’ Maps

Thanks to Major Nelson’s weekly podcast, new details on the first Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack, First Strike, have been declassified.

The pack will initially be available for the Xbox 360 on February 1, with PC and PS3 downloads to follow at a later date. The pack will be priced at 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) and include four multiplayer maps and one Zombies Mode map.

  • Berlin Wall: Takes place in and around the Checkpoint Charlie crossing in Berlin.
  • Discovery: Takes place at a German research base in Antarctica, abandoned since World War II.
  • Kowloon: Takes place on “the rainy rooftops of Kowloon City” and inspired by the level from the single-player campaign.
  • Stadium: Takes place inside a hockey rink in the northeastern United States (Lake Placid perhaps?).

    The new Zombies map in First Strike will be titled “Ascension,” but Treyarch’s Director of Online, Dan Bunting, wasn’t ready to talk about it yet.

    “We learned a lot of lessons in the development and design of the maps on the shipped game. For DLC we really wanted to go bigger with some of the things we learned that people liked. We focused a lot more on providing variety of weaponry, variety of engagement types, variety of verticality–a lot more verticality, bringing some sniper opportunities into it,” Bunting said.

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