Joe Mauer Steps Up to the Plate for MLB 11: The Show

December 16th, 2010 by John

Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer is stepping up to the plate for a second at-bat as the cover athelete for Sony’s MLB: The Show series. Mauer will take his first cuts on March 8, 2011, when Sony plans to release MLB 11: The Show for the PlayStation 3.‘s Jon Robinson got a chance to check out some of the game’s new features including full analog control, co-op play, Challenge of the Week mode, Move support and 3D display support. They probably don’t want people talking about it, but Sony might just be working on a “perfect game” here.

If that weren’t enough, the PlayStation.Blog has a look at the game’s cover art (and I mean “art” literally, it’s a nice looking box) and an MLB 11-themed DualShock 3.

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