Guillermo Del Toro’s Insane Will be a Trilogy

THQ and director Guillermo Del Toro might have jumped the gun just a bit when they revealed Insane during this weekend’s Spike TV Video Game Awards. With a 2013 release date, it’ll be a long time before gamers get a glimpse of anything concrete about the title.

And now they’ve gone and revealed that Insane is actually a trilogy of games. The first chapter is of the series is in development at Volition and is scheduled to be released on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. With the concluding chapters over four years away, it’s possible that the remainder of the Insane trilogy may make the jump to the (currently unannounced) PS4 and Xbox 720.

“With this new series of video games, I want to take players to a place they have never seen before, where every single action makes them question their own senses of morality and reality,” said del Toro. “THQ and Volition, Inc. are equally excited to make this vision of a completely new game universe into a reality.”

Here’s the game’s debut trailer again, in case you missed it:

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